Fine art wedding, Laguna Beach wedding, Laguna beach, CA

Toby Edwards

Fine art wedding, Laguna Beach wedding, Laguna beach, CA

Dhevin Edwards  AKA the "Bride whisperer "

I'm an artist, I truly approach every Wedding looking to create the best art I can. There are tons of Photographers out there that will document your day. My goal is to deliver images that you will print and hang on your wall. Images that will stand the test of time and be handed down to the next generation. 

My approach to photographing Weddings is simple. It's all about the Bride! I am a Portrait Photographer at heart. I love to make the couple in front of my Camera the center of attention!

Details. I love all the details. So much time and energy is spent to bring all theses beautiful details to life. I want to capture every detail for you to remember forever!

What our fantastic Brides say about us!

Bridgett wrote you a review.

I feel so honored to have Toby photograph such beautiful memories of my husband and I. It didn't take but 5 minuets into our Bridal shoot to know that I was going to have an amazing collection of photos to cherish. His eye for composition is on a whole different level and will jump in a river just to get the perfect shot (this literally happened). I haven't come across very many photographers who work with real film and after receiving our photos, I instantly saw a difference. Our photos looked timeless and elegant. It was evident with every photo my husband and I scrolled through, that there was passion on the other end of that lens. I love that he takes time to focus on the small details and helped guide us to get the most romantic poses. You will not regret choosing Toby for your special day and If you are lucky, his beautiful wife might be there to make sure you are always on point ;)

Bianca wrote you a Review 

"A girls big day is one she'll always remember and it takes a very special photographer to know how to take the best pictures so that she can frame them and have them as precious memories for the rest of her life. Choosing Toby Edwards photography to take my pictures was just as wise as my decision to marry my husband! Toby was amazing he knew exactly what time in the day the best lightning would be. The location he chose for our pictures was beautiful! He created an elegant yet simple set where My husband and I took pictures. Toby had his beautiful wife helping him arrange my dress, fix my position, fluff up my hair and even knew my good side! She knew exactly how to get me to smile and laugh so he could capture those moments. It was such a fun shoot because I laughed so much and I enjoyed the romance of being photographed next to my husband. Toby posed us in such romantic positions that when I see the pictures framed on my wall I can feel the affection and love. Going into the shoot I had an idea of how I wanted my pictures but Toby had an even greater idea and Im so glad I let him pick my poses because the pictures couldn't have been better. Anyone who sees those pictures has told me that his pictures aren't your typical wedding day pictures. I will choose Toby Edwards photography in the future because he truly exceeded my expectations. I had taken pictures before where the photographer didn't take into consideration the angles I look the best in and also the lighting. For a girl the lighting, angles and her good side matters a lot when taking a picture and it's even a bigger deal on her wedding day pictures. I felt like Toby knew exactly what I wanted and he was able to provide me with pictures I will cherish forever. His customer service was exquisite and personable. He makes you feel comfortable and he sets a fun and romantic ambiance for you and your spouse. I can't stress it enough how amazing Toby is!!! I highly reccomend him, you will not be dissapointed. "


Jessica wrote.

"ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! , Amazing Eye for Composition, Top Level of Professionalism, Great at Directing Movement to make you look like a bridal magazine model. Honestly, Toby Edwards Photography is EXACTLY what you are looking for. It's apparent Toby has a REAL passion for photography and cares about his clients. I CANNOT rave more about this company!!! (and I was a pretty picky bride with photography experience). We met with him before at the venue to discuss vision. He then took an additional day on his own accord to familiarize himself with the venue and gather inspiration. On the day of the wedding his wife accompanied him and followed me around on every shot making sure my dress looked perfect and wouldn't get soiled! His wife would not let me look anything but my best; she's absolutely a JOY. Toby, his assistant, and wife even showed up early & stayed late to maximize pictures on our wedding day. Don't waste your time, hire Toby Edwards Photography before everyone knows how amazing (and affordable) they are and they are booked. "